This is why we hate big business Mr Cameron!

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This is why we hate big business Mr Cameron


I have dined in your establishments many times but I write to inform you that I will never do so again and nor will any of my friends or family.

The reason for this is that my stepson has the misfortune to work in your Thomas Sheraton bar in Stockton and I am now aware of the basis upon which you operate and profit.

He is “employed” on a zero hours basis and earns barely enough to feed himself. Not long after joining your establishment he got into trouble with his rent due to the extremely low wages and was evicted from his home. I blame the basis of his employment with you for this. He now lives 2 miles away from your bar and is obliged to walk this distance to and from work as he does not earn enough to afford public transport. Yesterday my wife was obliged to buy him new shoes as he had worn holes in his existing ones. I think it is appalling that you do not provide your kitchen staff with appropriate footwear. If you feel that this communication is becoming a stream of negative comments then I urge you to read on as I have more to say. This 4 mile round trip trudge is sometimes made to attend a one hour shift. Unbelievable, a day’s work of just ONE HOUR. Furthermore, if he attends expecting a longer shift this is sometimes not the case as he is sent home if trade is slack. He, your employee takes all the risk, you the employer take none. You’ll note that I do not mention his name. This is for fear of reprisals. Before you scoff, let me tell you this: When he first joined you, after two months of working every single weekend he politely enquired if he might have a weekend off. He was given the weekend off but worked no other hours either. A genuine ZERO hours. This was clearly a reprisal and he has never asked for the weekend off again.

The only way he can survive on such grindingly low wages is by getting benefits top ups. In order to do this he must provide pay slips which you do not provide. He is obliged to download them and print them himself and given that he will never be able to afford a computer and printer so long as he works for you, he must go to the library. I put it to you that it takes him more effort to work for you for a pittance than it does me to fulfill a full time job.

Clearly your business model requires that the public purse subsidise your employee’s wages. This to my mind makes your firm and others like you one of the benefit scroungers we hear so much about these days.

Yours sincerely


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7 Responses to This is why we hate big business Mr Cameron!

  1. loobitzh says:

    Good for you Steve Thompson and Shame on JD WETHERSPOON. They sound just like Walmart.

    See link for Walmart on YouTube. very insightful vision of what we have to come and are fighting against.

    Whats happening here in the UK is Mirrored in USA.

    Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price • FULL DOCUMENTARY • BRAVE NEW FILMS are well worth subscribing to.


  2. untynewear says:

    Reblogged this on UNEMPLOYED IN TYNE & WEAR and commented:
    Just a couple of days ago Wetherspoons were boasting about opening 200 new pubs and creating 15,000 new jobs.

    But not real jobs…


  3. alicelouisew says:

    Sick of these companies. They are far worse than benefits ‘scroungers’ but the media that demonises those on benefits and low pay, rather than big business and the governments that let them run riot, are interconnected with those big businesses and corrupt world. Cameron really must go.
    I think a clean up of all the cash for bonus, crooked, tax dodging, business ass-licking, ‘securing their future’ after politics, MP’s is truly necessary. A representative vote would help, as would banning media barons who profit off hyperbole and step on the poor to protect their friends. (‘The Enemy Within’? ‘Benefits cheats’? How is the Sun still running? and the whole Murdoch Empire?).

    Though, we’re so far down the rabbit hole now, maybe we can only expect answers from Tweedle’s Dum and Dee (Cameron, Milliband), and a doormouse that always lies (Clegg) ?


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