Apparantly, red lights are flashing on the global economy

Well, there’s a turn up for the books… David CaMORON issuing warnings about the global economy a couple of weeks before GIDIOT Osbornes Autumn statement… who’d have thought it eh!

Now… I should point out I am not an expert in economics, but I do have an ability to smell bullsh*t.

So welcome to my economics for beginners class, pull up a chair and pin back your ears…


  • Wages/benefits  are falling because of tory policies
  • Millions of people struggling on the breadline are finding it difficult to pay normal household bills
  • These millions of people have little or no disposable income
  • This means those people cannot buy goods
  • There is therefore less money circulating in the economy


Do you remember when the tories gained power in 2010 and they constantly harped on and on and on about how the recession/depression/credit crash/credit crisis (delete as applicable) was all the fault of Labour?

Nothing to do of course with the greedy bankers.

Anyway I digress; CaMORON knows that the tories have wasted much, much more of taxpayers money than Labour ever did – spending it on the ever failing Universal Credit, Atos work capability assessments, G4s and the Olympics debacle, to name but a few.

So he’s panicking big time because he knows that the fiction he’s been spouting for the last few weeks about how the economy is improving is but a figment of his imagination.

That’s why Carney won’t increase the interest rates because he knows it’ll send the economy scuttling backwards.

This “red lights are flashing on the dashboard” malarkey is to soften up the general public, so that when Gidiot delivers his Autumn statement he can bring in more cuts and blame the global economy for it, in his typical “nothing to do with me Guv'” stance (he may even try and blame Labour – who knows!)

So don’t be taken in by it and vote wisely in May 2015.

A more in depth analysis is here by Mike Sivier at Vox Political

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2 Responses to Apparantly, red lights are flashing on the global economy

  1. sdbast says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.


  2. Florence says:

    The bastion of impartiality (BBC) used the Torygraph correspondent as a talking head on this. He highlighted the fact that the Eurozone was going backwards because of the austerity programme used in the UK was being foisted on them, and that the results were a predictable contraction, and that more of the same here wouldn’t get any better. He offered the flustered interviewer the crumb that it really was “amber not red”. So that’s all OK, then, folks!

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