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Apparantly, red lights are flashing on the global economy

Well, there’s a turn up for the books… David CaMORON issuing warnings about the global economy a couple of weeks before GIDIOT Osbornes Autumn statement… who’d have thought it eh! http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/nov/16/david-cameron-third-eurozone-recession-g20-warning Now… I should point out I am not an … Continue reading

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The PM who cried wolf.

David Cameron can thump the table, stamp his feet and shout all he likes …. he’s been caught out in a lie and now the pigeons have come home to roost! When you have an (unelected) prime minister and a … Continue reading

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Carney set to change target for rate rises

Reposted from The Sunday Times So, Carney is changing the unemployment benchmark from 7% to 6.5% or lower… why is that I wonder; could it be because the bank did not expect there to be a drop to 7% until … Continue reading

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Is There Another Iain Duncan Smith Scandal Waiting To break?

Reblogged from Ayes to the left Osborne’s housing bubble,  falling living standards and cost of living crisis are not the only problems we have threatening to derail this quasi economic recovery, we also have a massive scandal in the making about statistics … Continue reading

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